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Thorsten Fischer – Heilpraktiker- Fascial Distortion Model in Hannover

Here you will find comprehensive information on the Fascial Distortion Model (Typaldos Manual Therapy) by Heilpraktiker Thorsten Fischer at the Interdisciplinary Centre agora in Hannover.

Our desired goal is to offer clients various treatment services in a competent as well as holistic way, and in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

With my collegues Ursula Hedermann HP PT (Osteopathy, Children osteopathy, Fascial Distortion Model), Jana Behrends HP PT (Fascial Distortion Model International Certificate) and Oliver Münch (Certified Rolfing Therapist), we are representing a broad range of therapists for all kinds of problems. In the same building at the Rühmkorffstrasse in Hannover- List is the agora Centre for interdisciplinary treatment Rühmkorffstrasse located.

We acknowledge that all questions about the Fascial Distortion Model by Dr. Typaldos cannot be answered on these pages. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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phone number 0511 8982189

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Thorsten Fischer

Heilpraktiker FascialDistortionModel (Typaldos)