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Thorsten Fischer FDM Instructor

Thorsten Fischer, Osteopath
Thorsten Fischer, Osteopath
Osteopathieforum Hannover

Thorsten Fischer, born 1971, married, three children.

After finishing school he started training to become a non-medical practitioner.

Parallel to that he worked until 2007 as a teacher in Yang- Style Tai Chi from Master William C.C. Chen at the Tai Chi Studio Hannover in Hannover- Linden.

Having passed his final exams as non-medical practitioner, Thorsten Fischer started studying five years osteopathy at Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD) in Hamburg. After finishing the OSD, he attended classes in the Fascial Distortion Model by Dr. Georg Harrer from 2008 until 2011.

Until the end of 2005 he worked as an osteopath in the Centre for Naturopathic Treatment in Laatzen near Hannover.

Since the end of 2005 he worked as osteopathically trained non-medical practioner, since March 2007 at the Gesundheitszentrum Christuskirche in Hannover-Nordstadt.

In January 2012 he founded together with Ursula Hedermann (Osteopathy, Children Osteopathy) and Jana Behrens (FDM Practitioner International Certificate) the Interdisciplinary Treatment Centre agora in Hannover- List.

Thorsten Fischer was a member of the Association of Osteopaths of Germany (VOD) until 2009, is also a founding member of the Osteopathy Forum Hannover e.V. (OFH) and in the European Fascial Distortion Model Association (EFDMA). He wass Co- Editor of the biggest osteopathic magazine "DO- Deutsche Zeitschrift für Osteopathie" until beginning 2012.

Thorsten Fischer as a certified FDM- Instruktor (EFDMA) and teaches the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) at the AIM from Prof. Matthias Fink in Hannover and Munich and at Rehastudy Winthertur and Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, as the largest education center for rehabilitation and physiotherapy in Switzerland.